Kendallville Public Library Cards


Residents living in Wayne and Orange Townships in Noble County, or within the city of Kendallville and town of Rome City are eligible to receive a Kendallville Public Library card. If you live elsewhere, you may also be eligible for a card. Please email us for more information. If your home library is an Evergreen Indiana library, you are welcome to use your Evergreen Card at the Kendallville Public Library and its branch in Rome City.

Applicants for library cards must fill out a brief questionnaire declaring their local residency, while non-resident property owners will need to show a property tax receipt. All applicants must show a photo ID. If the photo ID does not have his/her correct current address, then the applicant will need to provide an additional form of ID with the correct address. This additional identification may include a valid Voter Registration Card, a valid Government Issued ID (Military, Passport), a bank statement issued within the last 60 days, a utility bill issued within the last 60 days or a property tax receipt.

Individuals under 18 will register for a juvenile card and will need a parent or guardian's signature prior to checking out any materials. If the parent would like the juvenile to have video check-out privileges, the parent needs to sign the appropriate portion of the application in front of a library staff member.

A $2.00 fee is charged to replace lost or stolen cards.

Cards expire every two (2) years. Staff will need to verify address before renewing a card.


Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements

The Kendallville Public Library system has special loan agreements with many libraries. To see if your library is a Reciprocal Borrower, email us.

Through this agreement, cardholders from these libraries may borrow materials from KPL and LPL without purchasing a Public Library Access Card. However, cardholders from these libraries do need to apply for a Kendallville/Limberlost Public Library card and will be required to show a valid library card from their home library. KPL and LPL patrons may likewise use these libraries' services without purchasing a PLAC (below) card.


Subscription Card

Non-residents living in an unserved library area may purchase a subscription card from the Kendallville Public Library in order to have full Evergreen Indiana privileges. The current fee for a subscription card is $98.00 for an individual or $188.00 for a family. This card must be re-purchased each year.


Public Library Access Card

Non-residents who have a valid resident library card from any Indiana public library (not on the Evergreen Indiana system) and a Public Library Access Card (PLAC) may borrow most materials from KPL and LPL.

Patrons who desire to use the services of other Indiana public libraries other than those that are Reciprocal Borrowers or on the Evergreen Indiana system may purchase a PLAC card at KPL or LPL for a current price of $50.00 (determined by the Indiana State Legislature). The PLAC card may be purchased at any Indiana public library if the individual has a valid library card from their home library.


Classroom/Business Cards

The Outreach card is available for businesses or classrooms within the Kendallville Public Library taxing district. This card is to be used by authorized persons only for business or classroom use. An Outreach card entitles the holder to extended loan periods and more materials. The card must be renewed every two years.

Teachers living within the East Noble School District who use Inter-School Mail are eligible for East Noble Classroom Cards. To apply for this card, teachers must first visit the library and provide proof of residence and show their school ID to receive the East Noble Classroom Card. this card will allow for bulk loans and extended loan periods. Items on a teacher's Classroom Card will be subject to fines if they are overdue. Items may be renewed twice for the standard loan period (21 days for books, audio books, etc. and 7 days for movies and CD-ROMs). Items can be renewed online, by emailing the Children's Department or by calling 343-2010.