Cortex Updates

We've made some changes to The Cortex to make it more accessible, plus, we've added some new kits that you can check out and use at home.

  • Make It, Take It Activities: Stop in to see which projects are available now for free! We'll be switching projects every two weeks or so, so check back often. 
  • New Equipment & Kits: The Cortex has added several new kits that can be checked out. All kits check out for two weeks and allow one renewal. Two kits can be checked out at a time by patrons age 13 and up. For a complete list of kits, click over to our Unique Collections.

▪ Our Stereo Microscope can help with school projects, or allows for closer
study of objects.

▪ The Makey Makey is an invention kit that can turn just about every item into a
touchpad and connect it to the Internet.

▪ The Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that can teach programming to kids.

▪ The Post Driver is just what it sounds like. It's a really heavy tool that you can drop on fence posts and similar items to drive it into the ground.

  • New Hours: The Cortex now opens when the library is open! We do ask that you plan head so that your projects finish by the time the library closes.
  • New Age Limits: We've made it easier for anyone who wants to become a Maker to use The Cortex. Now, anyone age 13 and up is welcome to use The Cortex on their own (after a liability waiver is signed by a parent). Anyone under 13 can use The Cortex with an adult (signed liability waivers required).