Library Pours Hearts and Funds into Events

IMG_4160.JPGThe Kendallville Public Library and its Limberlost Branch are places to not just check out books, but to gain experiences. Numerous events each month are planned for children, teens and adults that are more than just reading a quick story or making a simple project.

Each year, the department managers earmark a significant amount of their budgets for programming. Programming expenses include purchasing supplies, hiring speakers and performers, picking up snacks and more. The library is funded through tax dollars – your property taxes, primarily, and we work hard to be good stewards of those funds.

When we plan an event, we're planning it for you. We're connected to our community and we listen, so we have a good idea of what our community wants and needs, and we do our best to provide it. Some events don't require registration, because we won't need to purchase a certain amount of supplies in advance, but some do require registration.

When you register for an event, that tells us that you are going to be there. We hope you're looking forward to the experience and are excited by what you'll learn or accomplish. Most events that require registration are limited to a certain number of participants, so that we can purchase just the right amount of supplies. When you register, we're purchasing supplies just for you and the others who have signed up to attend. Sometimes, these events fill fast, and we have a waiting list of others who are just as excited to attend, but got signed up just a little too late.

We understand that life happens, and sometimes when you register for an event you get sick, or something comes up and you can't make it. We get that. In that case, we hope you'll give us a call or send us an email so that we can let someone on the waiting list know that a spot has opened up. If we don't know that you're not coming and can't contact someone to fill your spot, then we've spent money on supplies – perhaps it's your tax money, or money that has been gifted to the library by a private source - that aren't going to get used at that event.

Here's an example. This summer we were so excited to host Cooking Camp, and you were excited, too! The 15 available spots filled quickly, and 19 people were on the waiting list. On the day of the first class, just 6 showed. One person got in touch to let us know they couldn't make it, so we were able to fill that spot. Still, food was purchased for 15, and we ended up using less than half of it.

So here are a few tips to help us make the biggest impact in our community with our events.IMG_4199.JPG

• Check your calendar before you register. Some events do tend to fill quickly, but please don't sign up just to grab a spot without checking to see if you have a prior commitment.

• Put our events on your personal calendar. When there is an event you want to attend, create an appointment with a reminder on your smart phone, write it in your date book, or make a note wherever you keep track of your personal appointments. We've even seen folks who cut the event flyers out of our newsletter and staple them to pages in their appointment book.

• When you register, give us your email address. You can do this whether you sign yourself up online or you're registering over the phone. If we have your email, you will receive a confirmation of your registration, and a reminder of the event a few days in advance.

• Give us a call or send us an email in the event that you do need to cancel your reservation. It just takes a minute on your part, but makes a big difference for us and the community. One of the easiest ways to cancel is when you receive that reminder email about the event. Just reply to it, and we'll give your spot to the next person on the waiting list, or purchase fewer supplies if an event does not have a waiting list.

We never want to charge for an event. In fact, only Creative Canvas Workshops and the Cardfight Saturdays have fees associated with them, and those are set by the organizers of those events. The library does, however, accept donations to help offset some of the cost of running events, and all funds can be funneled to a specific age group, if preferred.

We appreciate your enthusiasm, your support, and your consideration as we work to provide the best services and events possible for our community.