“Maker” is a State of Mind

deaf03d45c6ddd1a1684f3bbd579554a_preview_featured.jpgYou’ve probably seen the word maker in relation to The Cortex, or you’ve heard us talk about being a maker. It’s one of our favorite words, because to us it’s not just the action of making something - it’s a state of mind.

In The Cortex, we want you to Devise, Design and Discover. It’s what makers do! Here are five ways to think like a maker, adapted from Makezine.com:

1) Learn by Doing
Experience is the best teacher. Don’t be afraid to come into the Cortex and just try things. Whether you do something the right way or the wrong way, you still learn something.

2) Think Things Through
Most projects begin by thinking about how cool something would be, but be sure to think things through. Try picturing your completed project, and then consider the steps to make it.

3) Revise and Refine
You may not succeed the first time, but keep at it. Revise and refine the process, so your ideas and work will evolve.

4) Understand What Works for You
Don’t get frustrated when something doesn’t work as you expected. Take a break or work on another project. Make sure you are doing something that you enjoy. If you don’t like what you’re working on, then why are you doing it at all?

5) Find a Supportive, Safe Environment
You can find that in The Cortex at the Kendallville Public Library. Our staff wants to help, and wants you to succeed with your projects. We’ll lend a hand in any way we can.

Want some ideas of stuff to make? Stop by a STEM Saturday or STEAM Punks event. You can also check out our new Pinterest boards for examples of things we’ve made (and our failures!).

Photo: A 3D printed bike rig for a Go Pro Camera.