New for You: OverDrive Advantage

kpl advantage.pngKPL is now part of a new initiative offered by OverDrive, which gives you a big advantage to check out eBooks and audiobooks. Through OverDrive Advantage, you still have access to the full collection of the eIndiana Digital Consortium, but you’ll get priority on titles purchased by the Kendallville Public Library.

When you’re logged in with your KPL library card (begins with 27516), you’ll find KPL Advantage books on the main screen of the OverDrive app or website. When you enter the collection, you can browse or filter the items to find exactly what you’re looking for. The collection will grow each month as new items are added. For the first six months, only KPL patrons will have access to these items. That means you’ll have a much shorter wait for these books!

That’s the good news. Unfortunately, if you place holds on items in the KPL Advantagedark in death.png collection, you won’t see the benefit in your holds list. OverDrive does not yet have a way to show patrons where they truly are in their wait for an Advantage book. For instance, our staff member placed Dark in Death on hold right after it was purchased as a KPL Advantage book. However, her holds list shows her as #44 on 3 copies (right). But that’s not true! A look at the staff side shows her as #2 on the wait for KPL’s copy. Much better!

OverDrive Advantage is one way to get books faster, but we want to remind you of other options that apply to all eIndiana Digital Consortium items. Remember to return them as soon as you’re finished. Yes, books automatically return at the end of the check out time, but you also have the option to return them early. Also, you can select a shorter check out time. You have the option of 7, 14 or 21 day checkout, and that can be customized for EACH BOOK. If you know you’re a fast reader, select a shorter time, and return it early if you finish quickly.

We've also just added a KPL Staff Picks section to OverDrive! You'll find it right underneath KPL Advantage books. The KPL Staff Picks are books shared by the entire consortium, but the list will show available titles first. Come see what we love to read! Plus, look for our staff Pic-Marks (our term) in the library. The Pic-Marks are giant staff heads on tiny bodies, saying "Pick Me!" We stick them in books and on items we love. Look for them when you're browsing our shelves.