Summer Adventure Begins June 1

build a better world 2.jpgThe Kendallville Public Library's 2017 Summer Adventure begins June 1 and runs through July 31. This year's theme is Build a Better World, so the library is focused on supporting the community. The adventure is structured to keep everyone reading and entertained all summer long, but it won't interrupt the summer relaxation because there are no hard-to-reach goals or reading records to manage.

This summer, everyone who uses the Kendallville Public Library and its Limberlost Branch in Rome City will have a community-wide goal to check out 30,000 items. If that goal is met, the community receives a prize on behalf of the library – and everyone gets to vote on what that prize will be.

When folks stop by the library to check out any items, they can request a specific-colored token, which will be representative of each community prize. They can place that token in the Plinko-like (similar to that game on The Price is Right) voting box for the prize they want most. The prize with the most votes at the end of the summer will be purchased by the library!

The options are:
• Oversize Games. This was one of the projects in the 2016 Summer Adventure, and though it came in second place, it was so popular that the library is bringing it back! These giant games can be checked out and used in the community for larger-than-life play.
• Video Game Collection. Instead of spending hundreds on video games, you could borrow the library's for free! The library plans to purchase a variety of games for all kinds of gaming systems.
• Cortex Tools. The MakerSpace is growing all the time, and many people have completed the Make and Take Projects or tried out the Cricut or 3D Printer. If this project wins, the library will invest in more tools or kits.

The library is taking suggestions for all three prizes during the vote. Anyone will be able to suggest a life-size game, a video game they would like the staff to purchase, or a piece of equipment that could move into The Cortex.

Those who check out books from OverDrive won't get left out of the vote – when they do stop by the library, they're encouraged to ask the staff for a token so their votes count, as well.

The community prizes are great, but the library is also rewarding a few lucky folks, too.

Some of the library's items will be digitally marked with a "Golden Ticket." The public won't know that the item they've pulled off the shelf is a winner until they check out. Those checking out "Golden Ticket" items will receive a fun prize!

In keeping with the "Build a Better World" theme, the library is encouraging everyone to give back this summer. Instead of the traditional "Make and Take" projects in The Cortex, the library will be sponsoring "Make and Give" projects. Yarn and fleece will be available to make scarves or blankets for those who need them. Supplies will be provided to build outdoor cat houses to donate to the Humane Society of Noble County, who will put them where they are needed most. The library will have other projects available, too, that can be made and donated back to support local organizations.

The library has planned a summer packed with activities for all ages, too! For a complete schedule of events, check out the online event calendar here, or our Facebook events here.