These handheld devices are are now available for children and adults! 

The Launchpads come with a charging cord, so there are no batteries to buy. Plus, these apps don't take up space on your own personal device!

Simply click on each Launchpad title and we'll take you to the catalog for that item. There, you can get more information or place a hold.


Launchpads for Adults

Our adult Launchpads are a great way to learn a new language!

Spanish                      Arabic and Pashto                      English Phrases


Launchpads for Children

Geared toward children ages 3-5, these Launchpads are preloaded with 10 learning apps to engage children in developing the skills necessary to start kindergarten. Each device is themed, and focuses on skills such as letters, numbers, animal sounds, cause and effect, and more.