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"The people of every country are the only safe guardians of their own rights ... I have often thought that nothing would do more extensive good at small expense than the establishment of a small circulating library in every country, to consist of a few well-chosen books, to be lent to the people of the country ..." -- Thomas Jefferson, 1809.

In Noble County, we have been fortunate to be the beneficiaries of one of the finest library facilities in the state of Indiana. Since 1913 the Kendallville Public Library has preserved and disseminated the accumulated information, knowledge and wisdom of the centuries. In order to maintain this established tradition of growth and service to Noble County and the Kendallville community, the Kendallville Public Library Board of Trustees has created an endowment program for the patrons and friends desiring to remember the library through living gifts, memorials and bequests.

Founded in 1990 to aid in the financial support of the Kendallville Public Library, the Foundation will only use the interest from the principle for donations to the Kendallville Public Library by "Investing in the Future of Your Library." The Foundation qualifies as a tax exempt status 501(c)(3) Not-for-Profit Corporation.


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Endowment Program Board:

The endowment program is managed by a board of at least five and not more than ten trustees, and each serves a three year appointment. At least three library board members serve with appointments to the endowment board made by the library board of trustees.

The Foundation for the Kendallville Public Library, Inc. is organized to improve the financial strength of the Kendallville Public Library which is a tax supported institution. The Foundation will provide an independent source of financial support outside the tax system to ensure a strong and stable library program for future generations, which includes expanding programs as well as facilities. It will receive support from individuals and businesses through tax exempt cash gifts, living trusts, straight life or paid-up life insurance. These funds will be held in perpetuity, with the earned income being used for specific or general purposes. The residents of the Library's tax district will be the recipients of the Foundation's benefits.


Why endow the Kendallville Public Library:

To show appreciation for services received
To ensure future generations also have access to high quality library services
To honor friends or relatives with a memorial
To take advantage of tax savings through estate planning

Andrew Carnegie, industrialist who became a great philanthropist, wrote, "The great joy in life is getting, not having; and the greater joy is in giving not keeping." Although we may not have millions to give as did Carnegie, most of us can experience the "greater joy of giving" if we carefully plan by "Investing in the Future of Your Library."


What Constitutes an Endowment Gift:


  • a monetary contribution so designated for the library endowment program;
  • a bequest through your will or codicil;
  • life insurance policy;
  • gift of land or property establishing a trust and including the library as one of the beneficiaries;
  • other mediums your lawyer, accountant, or trust officer might suggest.


How to Make an Endowment to the Library:

First, contact your lawyer. If you do not have a lawyer, check with your accountant, financial advisor, trust officer, or life insurance underwriter. Effective estate planning is often a team effort, and it is important that you feel comfortable with those helping plan your endowment to the library.

This is a unique and challenging opportunity to do something special for yourself and your community. You can be involved in an excellent program to give direction and continued support by "Investing in the Future of Your Library."


Your Library Is Worth Remembering:

The Kendallville Public Library provides many services to the Noble County community:

  • Kendallville and Rome City (Limberlost Public Library) facilities including meeting rooms for public use
  • Collections including 60,000 books; 2,500 DVDs; 2,300 sound recordings, and 200 periodical subscriptions
  • Reference Services
  • Evergreen Indiana, a consortium of over 100 libraries that circulate materials with each other
  • Public access computers and wifi
  • Photocopying and fax services
  • Adult programs, homebound delivery, bulk loans, and literacy referrals
  • Children's Room and activities including Preschool Storytimes, after school events and a Summer Reading Program
  • Monthly newsletter, calendar and informational brochures


For More Information:

If you desire more information, contact the library director indicating your interest in the Foundation for the Kendallville Public Library Endowment Program. Arrangements for endowment gifts can also be arranged through your financial advisor, attorney, or agent. "Investing in the Future of Your Library" can be very rewarding for you and your community.

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